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Delivery Services

Local Food Delivered to Your Door

We deliver weekly, across the Niagara Region and Hamilton. Our drivers service routes in different areas on different days. Check our delivery schedule below to see when we’re in your area.

Delivery Ordering Guidelines

4 – 7PM


St Catharines
West Lincoln


Niagara Falls
Fort Erie
Port Colborne


Hamilton (11-3pm)


We charge a flat fee of $7.50 per week, whether you order a single item or add a dozen marketplace items to your veggie box subscription. Delivery fees help us employ drivers from across the region


Orders made at by Saturday @ Midnight are delivered the following week. Check our delivery schedule to see what day we deliver in your area


Our deliveries happen from 3pm – 7pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, every week. Hamilton delivery is 11-3pm on Saturday.


My Local Connection Outgrowing the System


Start with our FAQ page for answers to basic questions. Another great source of answers is our Facebook pages for My Local Connection and Small Scale Farms. If it’s really complicated, email us with your question / concern, and we’ll get in touch to discuss


Niagara Region & Hamilton

Why Local?

Protect the environment

Transporting food from producers to consumers burns fossil fuels (gasoline/diesel/oil), which releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air. Keeping production and distribution of food as local as possible reduces the “food miles” (and therefore, the carbon footprint) of food before it reaches your table.


Ripe produce picked and eaten in the same day is superior to produce picked unripe and transported thousands of miles to market. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables not only taste better, they’re better for us because they ripen naturally so they contain more nutrients than imported produce. Food that is transported long distances is often preserved with wax, irradiation, gases, and chemicals such as fungicides and sprout inhibitors

Cultural impact

Discovering local farms and learning about how they grow produce connects us to our community and the land. It reminds us that food comes from farmers, not the grocery store. Making this connection is vital for building regional and local food security.

Supporting farmers

Small scale farmers who grow a variety of crops are disappearing because it’s difficult for them to make enough money to survive. They struggle to sell and distribute products within a food system that favours global markets, massive factory farms, and single-crop specialization (wheat, soy, corn). Yet small scale farms are biodiverse (better for the earth) and yield enough produce to satisfy local market demands. Our local food distribution model connects Niagara’s farmers with people who want to buy their produce. When it comes to eating fresh, local produce we are the channel for a win-win situation. It’s one of the reasons why we are committed to growing more farmers.

Supporting communities

Everyone eats. But not everyone can afford to buy fresh produce to eat a healthy diet. My Local Connection is a local food distribution system. We designed it as a social enterprise to “feed food forward” within our regional communities, and to support / cultivate local farmers. When you subscribe to our produce boxes and prepared meal subscriptions, you give us the purchasing power to buy from Niagara farmers, and donate bags of fresh food to people in our communities who need support. (Check out our Food Fed Forward program for more information.)

Food Hub dynamics

When you buy food and other local products from My Local Connection, we assemble your order and deliver it to your door each week. (You can also opt for curbside pickup to save the delivery charge.) Membership in our MLC Club gives you a 10% discount and orders come packed in our custom-made wooden crates, which we pick up empty and return refilled each week.