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Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market by SMALLSCALE FARMS

“Our goal is to strengthen farmers markets for the benefit of farmers, consumers, and communities.”
– Renee Delaney, owner Small Scale Farms

The Small Scale Farms “Market” provides a cooperative and organized marketing alternative for small scale agricultural and specialty products. We exist to bridge the gap between large corporate entities and local, artisan goods and services.


  1. Southridge Jams – Making jam to disrupt the cycle of homelessness.
  2. De Le Terre – Artisan bakery specializing in hand made sourdough bread and spelt pastries
  3. Comfort Farms Curbside Meat Packages – All meat from Comfort Farms is hormone and antibiotic-free.
  4. Black Sheep Coffee – Since 2015 we have been incredibly fortunate to have the love of the local Niagara community, alongside 300+ musicians, poets, & artists in our Welland cafe location.
  5. Bare Essentials – With the goal to create an environment that was free from toxins, Rachel created bare. cleaning essentials, a line of natural cleaning products in a market where they are hard to find

Farmer’s Market Info

Small Scale Farms is a place where:

  1. Local food growers and producers prosper with a local marketplace to sell their products.
  2. Every resident can access high quality, nutritious, locally grown food.
    Residents understand the value of strengthening the local economy by purchasing locally grown food.
  3. Sustainable farming and local food production expands as more people choose to enter these professions.
    Farmers markets grow, nourish and inspire community. Small Scale Farms plays a central role in creating this food system and in fostering an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable community.
My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

To Our Vendors:
Connect with your community by showcasing your products at our Farmer’s Market.

Please let us know if you’re interested in a table for 1 or more of our Friday night markets throughout the summer. Our entrance fee is simply 10 of your products, (any price point) that we can give away to our lucky customers!

Interested? Enter your name and info here and someone from our crew will reach out with the details.

My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

Come visit us at the Market in Niagara on the Lake!

Saturday Mornings
MAY 29th to OCTOBER 9th, 2021

8am – 1pm

The Niagara on the Lake 2021 Farmers’ Market features local farmers, selling their fruits & vegetables, and local food producers, offering take-home meal options. “Food Less Touched” will be available each Saturday morning and includes Samosas from Moksha Indian Bistro sold from our Small Scale Farms table!