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Farm School

Red Maple Farm School
Red Maple

Niagara’s very own FARM SCHOOL


The dream of a simple, more natural life appeals to us all.
That may lead to leaving the grid for some, but lots of folks these days are just looking to do more for themselves—whether by becoming full-on, self-sufficient homesteaders or simply gaining a little more control over their lives and finances by picking up some new skills.

Have you ever wondered what sorts of skills you need to live your dream of a self-sufficient homestead? This term teaches you all you need to know about sustainable agriculture, cooking, preserving, beekeeping, chicken keeping, wildcrafting, making your own medicine, survival skills, basic carpentry and more.


Why is leadership an important skill in agriculture?
Leaders share their vision of where the farm is going with everyone on the team. Leaders passionately believe in their vision and continually inspire others to join them by helping them see the goal and how they can contribute.


Learn how to create a vision and chart a clear path towards achieving it. This term teaches you not only about motivation (a discipline all farmers require) but also how to inspire your employees and the community at large to become more engaged.


Farming operations can be described as the production, cultivation, growing and harvesting of agricultural commodities, and any practices performed as an integral part of a farming operation. The Red Maple has made it possible for many people with little or no agricultural experience to learn farming techniques quickly and efficiently. The “business” of running a farm, may very well be the most over looked aspect and that is something we are looking to change.


Our most important consideration as a collective, is whether or not the other institutions—economic, political, and social—are adequate to provide farmers with a wide range of resources and alternatives. We are working to achieve this, in real time, alongside our students as they learn more about the food system we currently abide by.


The goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet society’s food and textile needs in the present, current time, without compromising the ability of the coming generations to meet their own needs in the future. The Red Maple focuses intensely on soil health, water conservation and minimal pollution level/carbon footprint on the farm.


We never abandon our values for profit – we look to the foods we can grow that promote farm worker wellbeing, are environmentally friendly and strengthen the local economy. This term combines biology, economics, engineering, chemistry, community development, and more.

Certificate Course in Land Based Learning

The Red Maple Farm School offers multiple learning methods including instructor led workshops, eLearning, and blended courses which combine online and traditional training media. Please enter your contact information to be contacted once the application process begins in December 2021.