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My Local Connection

My Local Connection is dedicated to strengthening the food economy in Niagara and beyond and everything starts with growing our own food! What follows is so much more. Collaboration is key. When we work together everything gets easier. We feed off each other’s success, dedication, blood, sweat and tears.
My Local Connection Outgrowing the System
My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

We provide the following opportunities to all our valued local vendor partners:

My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

Committed Quality Local Products & Services

My Local Connection – the name says it all – we are committed to supporting the local food system and economy as a whole. What centers around local food? A healthy lifestyle! From preserves, homesteading wares to services that support a healthy lifestyle and community, we’re Niagara’s distributor that puts your local business first.

My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a growing number of community support programs that we encourage our vendors to support. In exchange we offer you the turn-key campaign tools to help you drive the brand impressions you need to grow your local business. My Local Connection itself a brand in support of our local economy, which in turn benefits us all.

My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

Website & Social Media Promotions

There are a number of ways that we show our love and support for our vendor partners. From our complimentary offerings to affordable promotional packages, we ensure that your business is seen by thousands, AND we can help you strengthen your local brand presence. We are working hard to deliver both you, and our customers exceptional value.

My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

Strategic Partnerships

We believe in strong partnerships with those in Niagara who are already producing, or purchasing local goods. Locally owned businesses provide countless economic benefits to a community and we believe these businesses are our partners, not our competition. Together we are creating the distribution NETWORK – necessary for change.

My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

Pickup & Delivery Services

We provide our customers with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery options, with some products available for curbside pickup from our distribution centre in Niagara Falls. When we grow, you grow – As our vendor partners increase, so will our truck fleet, we are committed to on-time delivery of your products!

My Local Connection Outgrowing the System

Simple Application Process

Our application process takes is seamless and efficient – a step-by-step process to ensure we don’t miss a beet (#farmjoke). Submit the vendor application today to get started. Our team carefully reviews all vendor submissions to maintain our high quality standards, ensuring our customers keep coming back for more!

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